Phoenix Author Services aims to be your one-stop shop for your author needs. As indie authors ourselves, we have learned what we require when it comes to services and support, and were tired of wasting money on companies that didn’t deliver, or worse, stole money from hard-working authors and disappeared. It’s far too easy for someone to set up a Facebook page, accept funds, then delete it and create a new one with clients none-the-wiser.

Phoenix Author Services does things differently. We’ve been there, we’ve been burned, and we rose from the ashes to ensure no other authors would be put in that position again. With PAS, you can expect quality service, one-on-one attention, and a guarantee that our services will be provided as paid for. We work with our clients to create a manageable payment plan and options, adjusting our services to be exactly what the client needs- often more, never less.

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