Editing Services​

Editing a book is time consuming and tedious, but one of the most important stages necessary for getting your book ready to publish. When it comes to editing, you want someone who can keep your style and tone, but polish your manuscript to the best that it can be. PAS offers various levels of editing to suit every author’s purpose and needs. We offer a free first chapter sample so we can discuss with our clients what type of editing we feel they will best benefit from, and to ensure our talents mesh well.

Proofreading 0.004 per word, minimum 15,000 words

In proofreading, PAS will read through your manuscript twice. The first pass will correct typos and word choice issues. The second pass will go through grammar and punctuation, ensuring your manuscript is free of errors and ready for final formatting. Proofreading will be done in the actual manuscript, as we won’t be substantially changing anything, only correcting errors. You will receive a completed document back in your preferred format.

Light editing 0.006 per word, minimum 15,000 words

Light editing focuses on the finer aspects of language. We will offer suggestions to improve awkward sentences and readability, highlighting key aspects of your prose that could use another look. With light editing, we work in Google Docs, adding suggestions to the manuscript so you can read along and see where the highlighted areas show potential issues.

Medium editing 0.008 per word, minimum 10,000 words​

Medium editing includes everything in Light editing, but we also analyze the narrative, vocabulary, characterization, style, and development to ensure your work is in good shape. If a character’s eyes are blue in the beginning of the book and brown later on, those errors will be caught. If you’ve spelled something three different ways throughout the book, we will ensure consistent spelling and usage throughout. With medium editing, we work in Google Docs, adding suggestions to the manuscript so you can read along and see where the highlighted areas show potential issues.

Heavy editing- 0.015 per word, minimum 10,000 words

Heavy editing is for books that need an artist’s touch. Do you have the basic story down, but the words just don’t flow well? If you have issues with word choice, repetition, and sentence structure, this editing package will help turn your words into prose. We work to tighten up sentence structure, eliminate repetitive words and phrases, and improve the style and tone of your work. All heavy editing is done in a new document, so you can read it as a finished manuscript without needing to approve or reject changes. If you choose to, you can then edit your original document chapter by chapter, using our suggestions or improving on them yourself.

Proofreading & Editing Combo- Pricing Varies

We offer combined pricing if you’d like to do an edit first, and then have us do the final proofread. Prices will depend on the length of your manuscript and what editing package you’ve chosen. The edits will be done first, then returned to you for approval. Once you’ve gone through the returned edits, we will request the new document, and return to you a fully proofread manuscript in your preferred format. Contact us for a quote!

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