Marketing Services​

One of the best ways to get your name out to new readers is by hosting or joining book events. When multiple authors put on events together, each author brings their own fans, which results in every author having a far greater reach together than they would separately. PAS has run successful events and knows what you need to succeed. Every event includes custom teasers and event banners for social media sharing.

Blurb Busters- starting at $45.00​

Great marketing starts with a compelling blurb. Condensing your manuscript down to a snappy paragraph or two is never easy… you’ve written your masterpiece, painstakingly poured your heart into every word, and now you have to gut it? Tragic! That’s where a blurb service comes in. Unlike many others, PAS doesn’t just ask for a few interesting tidbits from you. We send you a few questions highlighting your major and minor conflicts and themes, but we also read your entire manuscript from start to finish. Between your questionnaire and our reading, we craft a blurb to entice readers, gaining you that all-important first click. As a bonus, we will include up to 4 potential teaser quotes we think might work well for you, and a possible tagline for the book based on our read-through.

Book Events- starting at $50.00​

Do you have a new release? A publiversary? Cover reveal? Whatever the event, let PAS help you organize and run it so you have less headaches. If you need help sourcing authors, we’ll help with that, too. A group chat will be started to keep all participants on time, and PAS will post all welcomes and goodbyes for you, leaving you free to focus on your chosen time slot.

Takeovers- starting at $30.00​

Signed up for a takeover, but don’t have time to come up with posts, games, and photos? Let PAS do the grunt work! We’ll come up with an assortment of posts to span every 5 minutes of the event, split between books, games, and questions. Each will have a custom photo and text for you. All come in a zipped folder with the photos and text listed by time to be posted during the event. Base price is for a half-hour takeover.

Page Hops- starting at $50.00

Page hops are a fantastic way to gain viewership for your social media pages, but can be headache-inducing. Do you want to take part, but don’t want the hassle of running one? Allow PAS to help! We’ll handle all the details, from the giveaway post, to spreadsheets with prize and author information, to selecting the winner. We’ll contact all authors with the information to send their prizes to, and ensure the event goes off without a hitch. Price is for 5 authors, each additional author is $5. You are responsible for sourcing authors for your event. If PAS has to source them, it will incur an additional nominal fee. For a good following to reach many new readers, we suggest 20-25 authors participating, that way the grand prize will be larger, as well. 

Giveaways- starting at $30.00​

Giveaways entice new readers to give you a chance and have the potential to reach far more readers than simple posts alone. If you’d like to run a giveaway but don’t want to host your own, PAS can help with a custom giveaway option. We use professional grade templates, inserting your logos and designs to match your branding. Each giveaway promotes sharing by building referrals directly into the campaign. Entrants can receive extra entries for sharing via social media outlets. We offer instant wins, polls, surveys, quizzes, and automatic fraud detection. Your data will be exported via CSV for your records. Need giveaway items? See our Swag Services!

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