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When your manuscript is finished, there are three types of people in the world… those that will tell you it’s amazing no matter what, to avoid hurting your feelings. Those who will tell you everything about it that sucks, without regard to your feelings, and those who can blend the two, while taking your feelings and experiences into account. The problem is, most of us choose readers who we know… friends and family, who will always fall into the first camp. They don’t want to hurt you, and are well-meaning, but they don’t help you improve your craft. Criticism just to be mean isn’t helpful, either. So how to find the common ground? PAS can help!

Alpha Reading- Starting at $40.00

Full pricing depends on word count, starting at up to 60,000. Alpha reading is an important step for many authors. When sending a manuscript to an alpha reader, you aren’t sending a polished book. You are sending your rough draft, your first try. An alpha reader’s job is to tell you what works and what doesn’t. To point out any plot holes, to give you gentle critiques about things like your characters, your settings, and your dialogue. An alpha reader helps you decide what to revise when you do your first edits, taking their feedback into account.

Here at PAS, you will get a full accounting of your manuscript sent back in .doc format. It will include highlights of the plot, the characters, the setting, and the writing. We’ll help you figure out what might need tweaked and what works well before you embark on your first edit, so you have a goal going in. We believe all authors deserve someone with their best interests in mind, who can point out the positive as well as the negative in a way that enables editing with a positive mindset.

Beta Reading- Starting at $30.00

Full pricing depends on word count, starting at up to 60,000. Once you’ve done your edits and polished your manuscript, it’s time for a beta read. A beta reader is someone who reads your book like a casual reader would. They’re looking for the overall feel of the book… did they enjoy it? Were the characters likable? Were certain parts slower or faster than others? Would they be interested in reading more from you based on this book? Your beta reader is reading your book like a reviewer would, pointing out things other reviewers might, so you can decide if you want to tweak a few things based on that feedback. All PAS beta reads will come with a .doc format of our analysis, along with a star rating based on how we would review it on Amazon as it currently reads.

Sensitivity Reading- Starting at $40.00​

Full pricing depends on word count, starting at up to 60,000. A sensitivity reader goes through your manuscript looking for misrepresentations, bias, racism, or unintentional stereotypes. This can include anything from race, sexuality, disabilities, weight, and even portrayals of BDSM or certain professions. At PAS, you will receive a .doc report of any potential issues we found, as well as our suggestions for the issues. The author is free to take these suggestions or keep the project as is, but it’s always nice to know ahead of time if there may be problematic portions in the novel that some may take issue with.

ARC Reading- Starting at $30.00

Do you have a new release coming out and want an editorial review for it? At PAS, we have connections with many authors, bloggers, and reviewers. Unlike other editorial review sites that charge hundreds of dollars, PAS believes you should be able to get a quality peer editorial review at the cost of sourcing the review, nothing more. We do the legwork, searching for a reviewer who understands your genre and niche, sending them their preferred file format, and coordinating the review. Once done, we’ll send you the full review, as well as directions for adding editorial reviews to your Amazon book listing. If you’d like us to source additional ARC readers for regular reviews, please contact us, and we can come up with a custom solution for you.

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