Research Services​

Research. It’s the one thing authors have to do the most, and it is the most tedious part of writing. Not necessarily because it’s boring, sometimes it can be really interesting, but because it’s time consuming. One bread crumb can lead you down the trail to the witch’s house faster than you can blink, and then you wake up hours later wondering what day it is. If this sounds like a situation you’ve been in far too many times before, let PAS help! We offer various research services to make your writing schedule go smoother, so you spend less time searching and more time crafting the perfect prose.

Book/Series Bibles- Starting at $50.00​

Do you have a series you’re working on that requires you to have an in-depth knowledge of characters, locations, and settings from every past book? You’re going to want a Series Bible. A Bible will help you keep all your facts in one place for easy reference while writing future books. PAS will create a sectioned document, including characters, settings, locations, and details about the world you’ve created. Prices start at $50.00 for one book, subsequent books are discounted by $15.00 if ordered together. If ordered separately, subsequent books are discounted $10.00 each. If you’d like your Bible printed out in a 3-ring binder with dividers, it will be an extra $15.00 plus shipping.

Image Search- starting at $10.00​

Looking for the perfect image for a teaser, background, or swag item? Need a great representation of your character to help readers visualize them? PAS loves diving into the internet art world and finding exactly what is needed to make an image perfect. We source the photo you’re looking for based on your requirements, providing a few different options. Once you’ve found a photo you’re happy with, PAS will secure commercial rights, if necessary, and send you a full resolution photo perfect for your digital needs.

Resource Search- starting at $15.00​

Do you need to find a new author tool, software or program? Are you looking for a service PAS doesn’t currently provide? PAS can help by taking your criteria and sifting through the reviews, features, and user guides for you. Once done, we’ll provide a comphrehensive listing of pros and cons for something you were interested in, or a list of our top three if you wanted suggestions. If you already have a program but are having issues, PAS will read tutorials, user forums, and Help documents for you, attempting to solve your issue while you continue doing what you do best- writing!

Novel Research- $15 an hour, minimum of 1 hour.

Want to know more about a specific location? How to make procedural scenes with scientists or law enforcement realistic? Actual jobs people would have had in medieval times? Ask PAS your questions, and let us go deep-diving in the internet archives to become your personal Jeeves. If we can’t answer, we’ll find someone who can!

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