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An author website is a “must” in today’s internet dominated world. Where social media limits posts and curtails reach, your author website is a guaranteed way to keep contact and interact with your readers. Your site needs to be simple, but eye catching, with the focus drawn to your books and author presence. It will be the link you put on your business cards and author swag, and the first link in your biographies. It should invite readers to keep coming back, and we can help set you up for success.

With pleasing aesthetics, simple layouts, and focus on text and contrasting colors, your readers will stay longer and remember you long after they’ve left. Sites are done through WordPress or Weebly. WordPress is preferred. All site set-ups will come with a one-on-one chat tutorial explaining how to login, update, and use your website. These are for self-hosted websites. If you’d like a hosted plan, you may add that, services are outlined below.

Weebly Website Setup- starting at $150.00

All Weebly websites include a uniform color scheme, custom coding to create buttons and items that match, as well as setting up all pages you’ll need, your contact form, and an events calendar, if desired. This does not include a custom domain. Custom domains require purchase of a domain and a Basic Weebly website plan. This is not included in the cost, but we can walk you through it, and set up everything once you’ve provided the details.

WordPress Website Setup- starting at $300.00​

All WordPress websites include a uniform color scheme, custom coding to create buttons and items that match, as well as setting up all pages you’ll need, your contact form, and an events calendar, if desired. You must purchase your own domain, but PAS will setup the DNS and Email services with this plan. All WordPress sites include a PAS license for any Pro plugins we use, free of charge, as long as the plugin isn’t deactivated by the user. (This will break your site. Not recommended.) Each plan also includes one free restore, which will reset the site back to the original site we handed over to you if you’ve changed something that requires a complete rebuild. All future restores are $50 each.

WordPress Storefront Setup- starting at $120.00​

So you want to sell items from your website? We can help! PAS utilizes WooCommerce as a free storefront solution for WordPress. We will set up your storefront, customizing color and content to match your branding and current website. We’ll tweak your settings, ensuring everything works properly, as well as adding a custom shipping plugin. All Storefront purchases include a one-on-one tutorial explaining how to add new products and handle orders.

DNS Setup- starting at $30.00​

The Domain Name System is a hierarchical and decentralized naming system for computers, services, or other resources connected to the Internet or a private network. Basically, all website addresses are a string of numbers. DNS tells the servers to ‘point’ to a specific number when you type in the more familiar .com and .net addresses. PAS will set up your custom nameservers, pointing them to your server IP address, including any TXT, CNAME, and A records that need set.

Email Setup- starting at $40.00​

Email is imperative. Your contact forms on your website will connect to it. Any sales, if you purchase a Storefront, will be sent to it. Your newsletter will run through it. Having an email like [email protected] lends a professional look to your branding, and makes it easy for others to remember how to contact you. It is also run through DNS, this time with MX, SPF, and DKIM records. PAS will set up a business email for you, connecting each record to your server IP. We’ll then add the mail plugin to your website, testing to ensure it works properly. The business emails we set up are through a free program, the only charge is for the setup. It does require a domain name, which you must purchase.

Newsletter Setup- Starting at $150.00​ setup

Are you tired of paying monthly to a newsletter service, only to have your hand slapped for various reasons? You have too many subscribers. You have too many unsubscribes. You did this, you didn’t do that. You are paying for a service, you shouldn’t have to constantly fight to use it. The solution is to own your own newsletter service. PAS newsletters are self-hosted via a newsletter platform that we own and operate for a monthly newsletter list.

Like other platforms, we offer analytics, opens/click tracking, and segmented lists. Everything will be set up for you. If you have purchased a WordPress website through us, we will install a newsletter form free of charge, which will automatically add new subscribers to your list. You must have your own server and Amazon SES account for this program to work. We will help you get both set up and functioning, and get your sending limits approved through SES.

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